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Out of the Silence - John McLeod

Out of the Silence

Track List

  1. Out of the Silence
  2. Percussion Concerto: I. Cortege with Fanfares
  3. Percussion Concerto: II. Scherzo I
  4. Percussion Concerto: III. Nightscape (Callanish)
  5. Percussion Concerto: IV. Scherzo II
  6. Percussion Concerto: V. Aubade with Fanfares
  7. The Shostakovich Connection
  8. Hebridean Dances: No. 1. Going West
  9. Hebridean Dances: No. 2. Dance to Your Shadow
  10. Hebridean Dances: No. 3. The Harp of Dunvegan
  11. Hebridean Dances: No. 4. Barra Love Lilt
  12. Hebridean Dances: No. 5. The Cockle Gatherer

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