Remix 2 Resilience – The Confluence


 Remix 2 Resilience (R2R) is a three-day online gathering that will bring together Indigenous community representatives with a diverse group of Indigenous musicians, academics and cultural organizers to build networks, deliver resources and facilitate knowledge sharing from across Turtle Island. The themes of Stories, Language and Land will inform the daily keynotes, workshops, panels and artist showcases.

It has been quite the journey to bring this event to life as Artistic Director, Meeka Noelle Morgan explains, “so much has occurred in a short period of time that has affected all of us on such an intense level - the pandemic, the Children that are being un(re)covered at residential schools, the Lytton fire, and all of the trauma that has been compounded by all - that we have had to adapt to our circumstances, press on and continue while bringing that experience into the forefront of our work as well, acknowledging it, bearing witness to it all.  We become the stream inside the dream, gathering at the confluence, collecting to what connects us all.”

 Meeka will be participating in the gathering alongside other incredible Indigenous artists and speakers such as ShoShona Kish, Ronnie Dean Harris, Janet Marie Rogers, Sabina Dennis, Butterflies in Spirit, Leela Gilday, Melawmen Collective, Kevin Loring and many more. We are also pleased to invite Kinwa Bluesky to facilitate each day, and artist Nigit’stil Norbert to create a graphic recording to visually capture the day's events. 

 We invite all interested artists, educators, community organizers, activists, students and anyone who wants to learn more about the Resilience of Indigenous People, please join us from Friday, October 15 to Sunday, October 17, 10 am/PDT - 4:00pm/PDT. Visit to get all the latest event info; sessions will be streaming live to Facebook and Youtube. Full schedule and session info to be posted shortly.



We want you to participate! We are looking for Indigenous community members to participate in the event. We especially want to support Indigenous community members that were affected by the fires this summer, but anyone who could benefit from this gathering are welcome to apply. We are offering a limited number of $250 honorariums for Indigenous community, artists, musicians, organizers to join us.

If you are interested please email Brianna Underhill at