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City of Lethbridge debuts new land acknowledgement video "Oki & Welcome"

"This goal of this creative endeavor is to increase awareness, education and conversation in the spirit of truth and reconciliation within the City and the community"


​The conversation around truth and reconciliation continues at the City of Lethbridge, as they publicly launch a land acknowledgement video, Oki & Welcome.

The video is now available via the City’s YouTube channel as a resource for the community. The purpose of the video is to welcome people and acknowledge the traditional land the city is located on.

"Many non-Indigenous organizations have implemented territorial or land acknowledgements; their purpose is re-teaching the colonial claim to land, but these statements cannot be the endpoint," says Reconciliation Lethbridge Advisory Committee (RLAC) member, Marcia Black Water. "For this area of Siksikaissksahko (Blackfoot land), fundamental to reconciliation is that land holds the preservation, growth and sustainability of language and culture. Iikaiskini, Leroy Little Bear, will remind us that all things are animate and therefore their spirit constantly exists. When talking about land, in the case of Lethbridge, when we greet each other with Oki, we welcome the spirit that holds the true narratives of this land and the people."




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