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Edmonton City Council considering proposal for temporary emergency shelter

City of Edmonton skyline with tent city (Photo submitted)

Considered proposal, if approved can host up to 1,281 people once the spaces are operational within the city of Edmonton



The Edmonton City Council is considering a proposal in Jasper Place Wellness Centre, with the partnership of Tallcree Nation, to operate an emergency shelter during the winter season, which adds to the City's supports for Edmonton people experiencing homelessness.

The City's Executive Committee has recommended that the council approves $7.5 million for funding for Jasper Place Wellness Centre and Tallcree Nation to operate 209 emergency shelter spaces at the former hotel located at 15540 Stony Plain Road. Along with the proposal will include 150 congregate living spaces and 59 private rooms.

If approved, the number of those who are in need of shelter during the cold winter months in Edmonton will see 1,261 shelter spaces. However, according to the Homewards Trust's By Name List indicated that more than 2,650 Edmontonians are experiencing homelessness. About 1,250 are sheltered within the city.

If approved by the Council on November 30, the new emergency shelter would open approximately four weeks and operate for six months. Services will include 24/7 staffing and security, drug and poising response, health services and case management support.


For more information, visit edmonton.ca/homelessness 

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